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This is the third part of the story of a globalized planet, without superheroes, that survives as best it can with the pieces that are left over.


Lapsus Volátiles Naranjas is a fictional novel written in 2012 by Celica G. Di Ronco. In it, Chief Petty Officer Ceballos, a retired policeman with his girlfriend in the mountains of Córdoba asks her to marry and she accepts, both unaware, that his life will be involved in intricate problems of a nature foreign to the Earth. Certain forces linked to the family of her girlfriend will prevent her from marrying him to avoid having earthly ties.

But Chief Petty Officer Juan Ceballos is not alone, together with Captain Gómez they discover in time the damn maneuvers of those beings whose mission has always been to completely eliminate humanity from the face of The Earth.

The first time they encountered that newbie Cabo Ceballos they couldn’t eliminate the children from the planet. Nor did they succeed with the tobacco maneuver, today the situation becomes much more complicated, difficult and dangerous.

This planet is orphaned by superheroes, although there are some risky ones who put up their chests at all costs…


Lapsus Volátiles Naranjas“Lapsus Volátiles Naranjas”

Content warning

Lapsus Volátiles Naranjas expresses in a literal way the use and abuse of substances, addictions, graphic sexual content and graphic violence. (Nothing different from what you can see on the breacking news).

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