Assistance in cloud computing. Machine learning and Big data. VHF and SAT telecommunications and broadband Internet.

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As a child, I had the need to know what was inside of things and how did they get there. I disarmed everything to investigate what and how they worked. Today, I’m still doing the same, but I had to travel very different paths within technology and knowledge to understand the reasons for things. I worked for more than 13 years in a technological multinational and was able to learn a lot about ICT management in large clients and in public administrations. Currently, I work in a government program as an infrastructure specialist for machine learning and big data.

The planning and management of the ICT infrastructure of an organization is a difficult and complex work that requires a very solid base in the application of concepts and their total understanding.

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I love to sail, to embark without time limit; breathing the salty sea air and getting tangled up with the electrical system cables. I pay special attention in electronic instrumentation, the installation of radars and plotters, sonar, AIS, antennas and Internet services. I provide technical assistance in:

  • Computer systems.
  • VHF and SAT telecommunications.
  • Broadband Internet.

Cloud Computing

Infrastructure for Big data and Machine Learning

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Nautical Technologies

Infrastructure for sailboats and other recreational vehicles

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