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Yo estoy aquí

I travel many places but I always end up in the same place: London - Barcelona - Tallinn - Oslo - Auckland - Vaduz - Córdoba.

Celica G. on Internet

My bigs projects

On this website you will find a neat summary of all my activities, you can still do a more exhaustive follow-up of my work on different websites. Below you will find the links

My social network

I’ve a lot of social networks but I prefer to sit in a chill out and talk. Twitter · LinkedIn

Celica G. Di Ronco on Blockchain

We have presence on The Internet Computer (IC) and The Interplanetary File System(IPFS)

You can learn more here:

Internet Computer

Celica G. on IC

The Internet Computer
Interplanetary File System

Celica G. on IPFS

Interplanetary File System

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All the ways to contact me!