About Celica G.

I’m a being who chose ART as a tool to change.

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Hi. My name is Celica G. Di Ronco, thanks for reading. Maybe you are a random reader without a name, or an alien (who understands the language). No problem, I’ve got no interest in your gender, I’ll simply call you “a living being”. Believe me, don’t take it badly, without you: I’m “nothing”.

Let me tell you a few things before you leave, it won’t be long. Eduardo Galeano once wrote, “the system empties our memory or fills it with garbage and thus teaches us to repeat the story instead of creating it”. I’ve always felt the need to create. This is my story:

At 5 years old, I decided to draw and later to paint. At 16 years old, I decided to write and later to make tattoos. At 19 years old, I finished my studies specializing in building design and technical construction. At 20 years old, I decided to play bass and later double bass. At 26 years old, I decided to study at university, first math, then physics and later literature. (I didn’t finish my studies but I learned enough to walk firmly through this hostile and treacherous world). At 29 years old, I published my first novel: Humores Vítreos Azules. At 30 years old, I left Argentina for Europe and settled in Barcelona. At 31 years old, I published my second novel: Fluxiones Viscosas Magentas. At 33 years old, I decided to take photos starting with digital photography and later transitioning to chemical photography. (Developing, enlarging and printing). At 37 years old, I published my third novel: Lapsus Volátiles Naranjas. At 38 years old, I decided to learn permaculture design and later 3D printing. At 41 years old, I published my fourth novel: Bucles Polisémicos Abisales. At 46 years old, I started writing another non-fiction book dealing with synesthesia and hyperthmesia titled Pozos de sueño intermitente which is the sequel to another unmentioned and unpublished book called Otras putrefacciones. Pozos de Sueño is not finished yet. Today, I also manage and coordinate Artistica · Di Ronco, (a website about Fine Art, photography and literature); Luzniebla Studios · Z Andromedae (a website about graphics and industrial design); Di Ronco · Industries, (a little company of urban investigation, permaculture, technology and building); Pinturas (a website about paint); Soldaduras (a website about welding). And so on.

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Something to add?

I want to keep my life moving. I love sailing and I’ve a good time with my friends… I like playing the double bass and thinking. I’m learning Italian, and English language and at night, looking through my telescope (when the weather is favorable) I get lost in the vastness of the sky dreaming those elusive dreams that don’t come while I’m sleeping.

What do they have in common?

Basically, my way of directing my professional life and not participating in this increasingly sick world of “acute overdose of degrees”. I know, without university degrees, I’m “nobody”, but I’ve spent all my life studying the themes and learning the trades and I keep feeding my internal life engine aiming at ever greater perfection. I wouldn’t mind dying today. Though, should the universe grant me another day in this body nothing will stop this lifelong learning that has the sole purpose of enjoying life and becoming a better person.

Did you think what to do with your life?

I do it, I’ve been working for 40 years so that my life is useful for something. All my effort is focused on leaving my niece’s generation and her children a better place to live.

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What happens next?

Nothing, nothing happens in this world, because everything happens on Netflix… But there are hundreds of thousands of people like me, waiting for the human being to take “the big jump” and overcome himself and not die of despair.

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About this website

At first glance it might seem like a place full of difficult words. Consider this space as a mere approximation of what I do with my professional and personal life. I’ve nothing more to say except… I think it’s marvelous!

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Are you interested in knowing more?

I’m a Design Thinker, but also I’m an Artist. Writer. Photographer and Master Builder Specialist. If you see any business or professional opportunities for collaboration don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll travel anywhere in the world provided what you offer is tempting.

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