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I'm a being who chose art as a tool for change, but this... doesn't seem to be working.

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Hello. My name is Celica G. Di Ronco, thank you for reading. You might be a random reader without a name, or even an extraterrestrial (who understand this language). Don’t worry, I’ve no interest in your gender; I’ll simply refer to you as “a living being”. Trust me, please don’t take it negatively; without you, I am “nothing”.

Let me share a few things before you go; it won’t take long. Eduardo Galeano once wrote: “the system empties our memory or fills it with garbage and thus teaches us to repeat the story instead of creating it.” I’ve always felt the need to create. This is my story:

From an early age, my journey began with drawing at the age of 5, progressing to painting. At 16, I immersed myself in writing and later explored the art of tattooing. At 19, I completed my studies in building design and technical construction (Master builder). At 20, I delved into music, specializing first in electric bass and later in double bass. At 26 years old, I pursued higher education in mathematics, physics, and literature, though I didn’t complete them, it allowed me to acquire valuable knowledge that has guided me through the winding paths of this hostile and treacherous world.

At 29, I published my first novel, Humores Vítreos Azules. Setting roots in Barcelona at 30, I continued to expand my literary horizons with Fluxiones Viscosas Magentas, published at 31. At 33, I ventured into photography, starting with digital techniques and later mastering chemical processes, developing, enlarging, and printing my own work.

At 37 years old, my third novel, Lapsus Volátiles Naranjas, was released, and at 38, I immersed myself in permaculture design and explored the innovative world of 3D printing. At 41, Bucles Polisémicos Abisales marked the publication of my fourth novel. Currently, I am focused on writing a non-fiction book about synesthesia and hyperthymesia titled Pozos de sueño intermitente, a sequel to my previous work Otras putrefacciones, which is still in progress.

During my time in Europe, I devoted many hours of my life to technology and communications, working in large companies, providing second and third-level IT support, and helping people to live with the technological revolution that was coming our way.

Currently, I’m involved in an exciting project on data analysis and artificial intelligence at a governmental agency, providing support in cloud infrastructure and health research projects. Additionally, I oversee a variety of projects: Artistica · Di Ronco, a platform dedicated to art, photography, and literature; Luzniebla Studios · Z Andromedae, specializing in graphic and industrial design; Di Ronco · Industries, a limited company focused on urban research, environmental care, maritime technologies, automation, and sustainable construction; Pinturas, a website focused on manufacturing paint for artistic and industrial use; Soldaduras, specialized in welding and other topics related to materials science and manufacturing.

Throughout this journey, I’ve faced challenges with determination and creativity, driving each endeavor forward. Besides being a Design Thinker, I humbly aspire to become an expert in complex-problem solving, leveraging my skills in various disciplines, as I’m an artist, writer, photographer, construction specialist, and sailor. These diverse roles and experiences that have shaped my ability to interpret reality from multiple perspectives and innovate to thrive in diverse life situations on this planet have become valuable assets for the future.

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Anything else to add?

I want to keep my life in motion. I love sailing and being with my friends… I enjoy playing the double bass and reflecting. I am learning Italian and English, and at night, when the weather allows, I lose myself in the vastness of the sky through my telescope, dreaming those elusive dreams that don’t come while I sleep.

What do they have in common?

Fundamentally, these aspects share my determination to steer my professional career without succumbing to the increasingly pervasive obsession with academic credentials. I acknowledge that without them, I’m often considered “nobody,” but I’ve dedicated my life to self-learning and acquiring practical skills. This continuous focus fuels my internal drive towards excellence. While I could accept dying today, if the universe grants me another day in this body, I will continue my constant pursuit of knowledge and personal growth with the aim of fully enjoying life and improving as a person in the process.

Have you thought about what you want to do with your life?

I’ve been working for 40 years so that my life is useful for something. All my efforts are focused on leaving a better world for my niece’s generation and their children.

The inspiration to use art as a tool for social change lies in its ability to communicate and express feelings, ideas, and values symbolically and visually. Though it may seem ineffective, its results are likely to transcend generations. Since its beginnings, art has been a means to connect with our natural, social, and cultural environment. Early artistic expressions, like the cave paintings of Chauvet in France, reflect life over 30,000 years ago and demonstrate how art was a vital form of expression.

Changing the world is a challenge, but art can be a powerful tool for effecting change. It’s not just about painting and expressing feelings and then waiting to see if anything changes. The real power lies in harnessing creativity and culture, which inspire people to act and find hope in difficult times.

Life isn’t a waste of time; every effort counts toward making a positive impact and building a brighter future.

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What happens next?

Nothing happens in this world, because everything happens on Netflix… But there are hundreds of thousands of people like me, waiting for humanity to take “the big leap” and surpass itself, instead of succumbing to despair.

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About this website

At first glance, it might seem like a place full of difficult words. Consider this space as a mere approximation of what I do with my professional and personal life. I’ve nothing more to add except… I think it’s absolutely fantastic!

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Interested in knowing more?

I’m a Design Thinker, but I am also a Complex-Problems solver, Artist, Writer, Photographer, Master Builder Specialist, and Sailor. If you see any business or professional collaboration opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will travel anywhere in the world, provided what you offer is enticing.

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