Celica G. Di Ronco

Personal and professional website!

My interests

Professional activities:

Technology and communications services. Writing. Painting. Drawing. Photography. Graphics Design.

Other topics, such as:

Music. 3D Printing. Astronomy. Permaculture design and bioconstruction

Versatile Postmodern Art

Artistic Painting. Drawing. Design. Visual arts. Desktop publishing.


Avant Garde Literature

Literary Production. Literary Correction. Poetry. Fiction. Essay. Edition. Hand-made books.


Chemical & Digital photography

Non-human photography experimentation. Non-documentary photo. Antisocial images and others topics…


Bioconstruction and permaculture

Research and development of self-sufficient construction system. Adobe construction (Hyper-Adobe). Solar heating. Integration of housing in the natural environment. Design for a better life.


Technology and communications services

Troubleshooting 2nd and 3rd level. Citrix. Android and IOs. Mail Exchange. IP telephony. Smartphones. Software. Hardware. Printers. Cloud Computing. Blockchain.
Project Management. Change Management. Inventory management. Training. e-Learning. ITIL.