My name is Celica G.
I'm a Design Thinker. Artist. Writer. Photographer and Master Builder Specialist.

In this website you will find an ordered summary of all my activities, they are located by areas, without importance.



Design Thinking · Writing · Painting · Drawing · Photography · Permaculture Design · Bio construction · Technology and communications services


Other topics

Tool Design · 3D Printing · Nautical Technologies · Astronomy


Avant Garde Literature

Literary Production. Literary Correction. Poetry. Fiction. Essay. Edition. Hand-made books.
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Versatile Postmodern Arts

Artistic Painting. Drawing. Visual arts. Assemblage art. Conceptual art. Digital neo-conceptual art.

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Chemical & Digital photography

Non-human photography experimentation. Non-documentary photo. Antisocial images and others topics…
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Design Thinking

Specialized design. UI/UX experience. Tools, Product and Objects design. Typography.
Digital marketing. Web development.

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Technology & Communications services

Cloud Computing. Blockchain. Project Management. Change Management. Inventory management. e-Learning. ITIL. Maritime Information Technology.
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Bioconstruction & Green culture

Research and development of self-sufficient construction and urban system. Adobe construction (Hyper-Adobe). Tiny houses. Floating houses. Solar heating. Integration of housing in the natural environment. Permanent resilience. Design for a better life.

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