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My name is Celica G. I'm a Design Thinker, Complex Problem-Solver, Artist, Writer, Photographer, Master Builder Specialist, and Sailor. On this website, you will find details about all my activities, jobs, hobbies, and some written reflections on them.

My activities

My professional life revolves around four main themes: Design, Arts, Science, and Construction. It might seem like a lot, but these are like four highways where I feel very comfortable driving. I base my approach to life and its challenges on these four pillars, and I'll spend my entire life studying their contents, combining and integrating them with technology, solving complex problems, and continuously improving my skills. Each day, I learn a little more about everything, enhancing my ability to tackle multifaceted challenges and develop innovative solutions.

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Fine Arts

Paintings. Illustrations. Photos. Books
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Generate innovative ideas
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Green Culture

Design for a better life
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Cloud Computing. Maritime Technology

Human Centered Design

If you explore this website, you'll discover that my creative focus lies in human-centered design. I specialize in developing innovative processes and solving complex problems in the realms of art, science, technology, construction, and urban planning. I have a particular interest in energy, population growth, climate, and logistics.

Occasionally, I write fiction stories and escape from reality through painting and sailing. You'll notice that the line between my professional work and my hobbies is quite blurred. This is because my job is essentially a hobby that I get paid for. I wake up every day excited to work, and with such a variety of interests, I never get bored.

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