Pozos de sueño intermitente


Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimuli from one sense are involuntarily produced in another sense. For example, some people can see colors when they listen to music, or smell when they see numbers or letters. Synesthesia is a relatively rare phenomenon, and is believed to only affect a small percentage of the population. Although synesthesia can be a pleasant experience for some people, it can also cause stress and anxiety.

Hyperthymesia is a thought disorder in which the affected person has an extraordinarily detailed memory. People with hyperthymesia can very accurately recall events that occurred many years ago, and can describe experiences in detail that others cannot recall. Hyperthymesia can be a very disabling condition, as it can make it difficult for the affected person to focus on the present.


Pozos de sueño intermitente“Pozos de sueño intermitente”

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