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This is the first part of the story of a globalized planet, without superheroes, that survives as best it can with the pieces that are left over.


Humores Vítreos Azules is a fictional novel written in 2004 by Celica G. Di Ronco. In it, Corporal Ceballos, a rookie police officer, with his boss, investigate the crime of a teenager. Thus they will embark on a journey through colored tunnels that will take them to various areas of the planet.

Corporal Ceballos takes over the investigation after his boss inadvertently takes a hallucinogenic drug that sends him into a spiritual epiphany about the temporal and spatial fluidity of all life. However, his dark past condemns him to persist in a lonely tunnel listening to the screams of all his victims. At this moment and with some help from outside forces he embarks on what could be called the greatest adventure of his life. Discover himself.


Humores Vítreos Azules“Humores Vítreos Azules”

Content warning

Humores Vítreos Azules expresses in a literal way the use and abuse of substances, addictions, graphic sexual content and graphic violence. (Nothing different from what you can see on the breacking news).

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