Painting is an important form of visual art whose result is a beautiful object that only serves to contemplate

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I’ve pencils and brushes in my hands, since I was born. But I didn’t study art at university, I’ve no degrees of any kind related to Art, or Art History. That being said, I’ve been painting for over 40 years. (Fine Art, Lettering).

Giving shapes to my dreams by mixing colors, that’s what I feel painting is for me. In the past I was not interested in exhibiting my works, I had fun making art for myself and exclusively for others. Although I’m not seeking fame or glory, I currently present my work on a website dedicated exclusively to this. I preserve the need to “not prostitute art” for a few coins or for 15 minutes of fame, but be careful, I don’t work for free if you want my art, you will have to pay for it.