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Four desolate roads full of treasures.

My training and learning have been a constant source of excitement and passion for me. The four main topics that have shaped my knowledge and expertise are Design, Arts, Science, and Construction. These subjects may seem unrelated to some, but to me, they are like four highways that lead me towards my goals. I have always been drawn to these areas of study, and I find myself constantly exploring and expanding my knowledge in each of these fields.

Despite the diverse nature of these topics, I have found that they complement each other perfectly. Each subject has taught me something valuable that I can apply to the others, allowing me to create a unique perspective on problem-solving.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to narrow down my career field to a single subject, but I have come to realize that it’s impossible for me. I am a restless and curious person, and I thrive on integrating new knowledge into my work. I am a transverse being by nature, and I will continue to explore and learn more about everything, every day.

If you choose to take advantage of my skills, you can be assured that I will bring a unique perspective to any project. However, if you decide not to, I will continue on my journey of learning and discovery, driven by my passion and curiosity. Either way, I will not stop.

General Skills

More about me and my capabilities:

  • Organizational Agility.
  • Time management skills.
  • Ability to follow many different tasks at once. (It’s possible, but can feel overwhelming).
  • Ability to build good relationships with colleagues.
  • Ability to take criticism.
  • Ability to work independently and organize my tasks with minimal supervision and to work within tight and often changing deadlines maintaining productivity and high-performance levels under pressure.
  • Ability to help other peoples when needed and actively shares knowledge.
  • Ability to manages issues effectively, dealing with challenges constructively and positively.
  • Ability to convey technical concepts in concise customer and user documentation so the intended peoples can utilize the technology.
  • Development of ethical commitment.
  • Learning ability and responsibility.
  • Creative and entrepreneurial capacity.
  • Development of sensitivity for sustainability.

Fine Arts

  • Knowledge of art history.
  • Color theory and techniques for working with colors.
  • Knowledge of art materials and their skillful use.
  • Knowledge of the rules of proportions and anatomy of humans and animals.
  • Knowledge of the vocabulary, codes and concepts, of the modes of production and post-production, and of the multidisciplinary processes applicable to artistic projects.
  • Knowledge of the creation systems as well as their techniques and technologies, materials, instruments and processes that allow the elaboration and determination of the presentation systems of works or artistic interventions.
  • Ability to understand the problems of the arts and intervene within the determined social and cultural context.
  • Ability to understand artistic discourses.
  • Basic knowledge of cultural management related to artistic activity.

Illustrations and paintings

  • Composition.
  • Constructive drawing.
  • Drawing from memory and imagination.
  • Knowledge of the rules of perspective.


  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Inductive and deductive reasoning. Logic.
  • Handling criticism from Editors and Readers.
  • Knowledge of the basic theoretical and methodological frameworks and the foundations of the main lines of study of language, literature and other social discourses.
  • Knowledge of literatures in relation to their specific processes of constitution in interaction with cultural processes
  • Knowledge of social discourses in relation to various practices.


  • Construction, production and circulation of photographic images.
  • Research in photography, for artistic and academic purposes.
  • Contextualize their visual production, their art and work, based on a theoretical and humanistic background.
  • Preventive conservation knowledge in photography.
  • Notions of video editing, multimedia editing package.
  • Passion for movies, graphic novels, science fiction, and general geek culture.


  • Design thinking.
  • Hand tools design.
  • Urban planning.
  • Complex problem-solving.

Cloud Computing

  • Design Ops. ITIL. Change management.
  • Knowledge Global management of the company’s technological infrastructure (Infrastructures/Systems and Communications/Networks).
  • Experience performing IT Coordinator functions and incident monitoring tools.
  • Advanced knowledge of Cloud Computing. Microsoft Azure

Nautical Technologies

  • Infrastructure operated by sailboats and other recreational vehicles.
  • Communications.
  • E-navigation.
  • Monitoring and diagnosis of Nmea2000, CAN and LIN buses.
  • KNX standard for commercial and domestic building automation.

Building constructions

  • Projects, calculation of resistant structures, configuration of sanitary and other advanced facilities.
  • Planning, control, administration and marketing, linked in the construction industry.
  • I can carry out expert work and arbitration of technical installations and building constructions.
  • I can carry out appraisals of building constructions.
  • I can carry out the execution of gas network installations.
  • I can carry out the execution of electrical network installations.
  • I can carry out the installation of water and sewage distribution networks.
  • Expert knowledge of construction techniques.
  • I’ve authority over all the trades demanded of the construction; since I coordinate, control and direct their activity.
  • Interpret calculations carried out by the Engineer and designs prepared by the Architects.
  • Knowledge of history of architecture.
  • Architecture drawing and Urban design.
  • Knowledge of constructions materials and their skillful use.

Permaculture design

  • Edible forests.
  • Hydroponic cultivation.
  • Recovery of water and irrigation systems.


Professor Rumelt taught me that the world is full of people who have lost their way by following typical bad strategies.

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