All is all

Four desolate roads full of treasures.

My training and learning cover four main topics: Design, Arts, Science, Construction. It seems too much but for me, they are like four highways where I feel very comfortable driving. I build on these four pillars and will spend my entire life studying their contents. I will learn a little more about everything, every day.

I spent a lot of time trying to narrow my career field down to a single subject, but I learned that it will never happen. My life is different, and my professional life too. I'm restless and curious and I like to integrate new knowledge. I'm a transverse being by nature. You can take advantage of my skills or let me continue, that is your decision, but I will not stop.


The crazy fascination with brushes and pencils.

I've pencils and brushes in my hands, since I was born. But I didn't study art at university, I've no degrees of any kind related to Art, or Art History. I did learn descriptive geometry, perspective, technical, mechanical, and architectural drawing in school and I learned to draw and paint autonomously seeing and doing. That being said, I’ve been painting and drawing for over 40 years. (Fine Art, Sketching).

Skills & Capabilities

  • Knowledge of art history.
  • Composition.
  • Constructive drawing.
  • Drawing from memory and imagination.
  • Color theory and techniques for working with colors
  • Knowledge of art materials and their skillful use.
  • Knowledge of the rules of perspective, proportions and anatomy of humans and animals.
  • Knowledge of the vocabulary, codes and concepts, of the modes of production and post-production, and of the multidisciplinary processes applicable to artistic projects.
  • Knowledge of the creation systems as well as their techniques and technologies, materials, instruments and processes that allow the elaboration and determination of the presentation systems of works or artistic interventions.
  • Ability to understand the problems of the arts and intervene within the determined social and cultural context.
  • Ability to understand artistic discourses.
  • Basic knowledge of cultural management related to artistic activity.

In addition to performing the painting tasks, I focus on:

  • Fine Art. Drawing. Visual Arts. Assemblage and Conceptual Art. Digital neo-conceptual Art. Transportation and management of works of art.

And more…

In the past I was not interested in exhibiting my works, I had fun making art for myself and exclusively for others. Although I'm not seeking fame or glory, I currently present my work on a website dedicated exclusively to this. I preserve the need to "not prostitute art" for a few coins or for 15 minutes of fame, but be careful, I don't work for free if you want my art, you will have to pay for it.


The inexplicable frenzy for written stories and storytelling.

I’m writer and I valuate editorial decisions from a product design perspective.

Skills & Capabilities

  • Edition skills.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Experience on Amazon publishing.
  • Inductive and deductive reasoning. Logic.
  • Handling criticism from Editors and Readers.
  • Knowledge of the basic theoretical and methodological frameworks and the foundations of the main lines of study of language, literature and other social discourses.
  • Knowledge of literatures in relation to their specific processes of constitution in interaction with cultural processes
  • Knowledge of social discourses in relation to various practices.

In addition to performing the DTP tasks, I focus on:

  • Literary Production.
  • Literary Correction.
  • Fiction and Storytelling.
  • Blog and other product text for website.
  • Creative Writing.
  • Screenwriter.
  • Presentation Writing.
  • Feature and Magazine Writing.
  • Technical writer in the technology industry, building construction, urban planning and architecture. (User manuals, maintenance and instructions).

And more…

I will always write fiction books and on subjects that interest me to study. I've been doing this for over 15 years. I write what I feel and edit myself as many times as necessary.

Design Thinking

The wonderful idea of diverging and finding solutions.

I'm a design thinker. I've the ability to learn many different things constantly and in depth. I've the blessed ability to have different points of view at the same time. I can think as a scientist, an architect, an artist, or a semiotician. I can also think as a computer technician or as a poet. It can be complicated, but sometimes it is my best advantage.

Design Thinking is the best place ever found to be able to converge or diverge with all my points of view. It also allows me the freedom to sink into a deep brainstorm to calmly end with a possible solution to a problem. It is very beautiful.

Skills & Capabilities

  • Design thinking.
  • Experience on social marketing and growth hacking.
  • Experience with authoring tools and environments.
  • Experience in creating assets for web layout.
  • Experience in optimization and analysis of UX (user experience) on websites and studies of consistent content.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Markup language (CSS, XML, HTML).

In addition to performing the Design Thinking tasks, I focus on:

  • Graphic design, specially focused in digital ecosystems.
  • Creation of simple texts and product text for website interfaces. (Landing pages, application screens, emails, etc).
  • Optimization and analysis of user experience on websites and studies of consistent content.
  • Evaluate editorial decisions from a product design perspective.
  • Design documents, commercial books, stands, works of art, all the marketing tools.
  • To prepare communication programs and contribute to the planning and creation of advertising and promotional material.
  • To create strong communication tools to use on websites and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.
  • Alignment of "voice and tone" in all corporate communications. (Brandbook).
  • To apply UX and content to brand in organizations.

And more…

I’ve been doing experiments for more than 7 years, failing and triumphing in this world of organic positioning and I’ve worked doing website audits to solve problems and obtain better results.


The ephemeral eternity of halides and other amazing discoveries.

One day I woke up and my sister left me a Soviet-made camera on the bed. I put my eye on the eyepiece and the world appeared before me naked and full of grace.

It coincided that at that time I was studying physics at university, so it didn't cost me much to understand the operation of photography.

But that is not photography, there is something else that physics does not say. I found myself lacking tools that would allow me to use photographic language as a form of expression. That is not science. Transmit my vision of reality in images and, at the same time, be able to express my own inner world to others.

With my knowledge of plastic arts and the great help of my friends Nacho M and Diego D, I was able to gradually develop the capacity for reflection and analysis of contemporary visual arts. Then, with books and my innate research attitude, I could develop a perception and critical approach to reality, and I began to take seriously the profession of photography.

Today, I’m a chemical and digital photographer. It's simple.

Skills & Capabilities

  • Construction, production and circulation of photographic images.
  • Research in photography, for artistic and academic purposes.
  • Contextualize their visual production, their art and work, based on a theoretical and humanistic background.
  • Preventive conservation knowledge in photography.
  • Notions of video editing, multimedia editing package.
  • Passion for movies, graphic novels, science fiction, and general geek culture.

In addition to performing the Photography tasks, I focus on:

  • Conceptually exposing knowledge in relation to the expressive qualities of art.
  • I participate in interdisciplinary research projects on the photographic image, production conditions, representation and circulation.
  • Know, administer and coordinate the management of various instances of photography production and circulation.
  • Advice on programming, conception and realization of photographic artistic activities.
  • Coordinate and manage photographic projects.

And more…

I pay more attention to chemical photography and its image production processes than to digital processes. But I'm very versatile, (as expected in me). The methods of obtaining images for artistic purposes are in themselves my only purpose, I don't care too much about "how do I do it", but rather about "what and why do I do it".


All the information at your feet, and the possibility of sharing it.

It all started in 98 when I was studying a degree in mathematics. I had access to the Internet and Linux System and the world opened up completely showing me everything that was to be done. I’ll never finish filling myself with so much possibility.

Every day there is something new to discover with technology. As there is much to discover, information must be organized and processed. I'm here for that.

Skills & Capabilities

  • Design Ops.
  • Change management.
  • Blockchain.
  • Ability to manage large clients.
  • Knowledge Global management of the company's technological infrastructure (Infrastructures/Systems and Communications/Networks).
  • Experience performing IT Coordinator functions and incident monitoring tools.
  • Advanced knowledge of Windows Environment (Active Directory, DNS, Microsoft Exchange, O365).


I have familiarity with the software industry and technical communication. Throughout my life I perfected the use of different professional software.

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • GNU/Linux.
  • Mac Os.
  • AWS.
  • G-Suite.
  • Azure.
  • CRM

Best practices

  • ITIL.
  • Six Sigma.
  • DevOps.
  • Prince2.

In addition to performing the ICT tasks, I focus on:

  • Infrastructure operated by sailboats and other recreational vehicles.
  • Nmea2000.
  • Communications.
  • E-navigation.
  • Monitoring and diagnosis of CAN and LIN buses.
  • Configuration software for CAN hardware from PEAK-System and PepLink.
  • KNX standard for commercial and domestic building automation.

And more…

I love to sail, to embark without time limit; breathing the salty sea air and getting tangled up with the electrical system cables in the engine room. I pay special attention in electronic instrumentation, the installation of radars and plotters, sonar, AIS and Antennas. Assistance in computer systems. VHF and SAT telecommunications and broadband Internet.

Green Culture and Building

I confess that I'm a "Mason" or "Master Builder" or "Maestri comacini" or "Baumeister" or "Mechanikoi"

How to explain the characteristics of my profession?

The Master Builder (or General Contractor) is the historical name of the "building masons" during the time of the great Gothic cathedrals, a branch in the construction profession, which was broken down from the functions of the architect who was synonymous until the "Modern Age".

At present, the Master Builder is also known as "construction manager", who is not necessarily an actor in the construction of a building, but does have an influence on all those who work on it. Its direct descendant has been the Building Engineer.

Skills & Capabilities

  • Projects, calculation of resistant structures, configuration of sanitary and other advanced facilities.
  • Planning, control, administration and marketing, linked in the construction industry.
  • I can carry out expert work and arbitration of technical installations and building constructions.
  • I can carry out appraisals of building constructions.
  • I can carry out the execution of gas network installations.
  • I can carry out the execution of electrical network installations.
  • I can carry out the installation of water and sewage distribution networks.
  • Expert knowledge of construction techniques.
  • I've authority over all the trades demanded of the construction; since I coordinate, control and direct their activity.
  • Interpret calculations carried out by the Engineer and designs prepared by the Architects.
  • Knowledge of history of architecture.
  • Architecture drawing and Urban design.
  • Knowledge of constructions materials and their skillful use.

In addition to performing the Master Builder tasks, I focus on:

  • Solar Energy. Heating and cooling.
  • Permaculture design.
  • Energy self-sufficiency.
  • Food self-sufficiency.
  • Mental self-sufficiency.
  • Economical self-sufficiency.
  • Self-sufficient construction system.

And more…

Being a Master Builder is not a joke. We have a history of construction behind us, that leaves no one indifferent. I've and maintain a historical and metaphysical affection for my job as a Master Builder, and every piece of stone, or wood, or brick that I use to build a house will be honored.

General and Common Skills

More about me and my capabilities:
  • Organizational Agility.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Ability to follow many different tasks at once.
  • Ability to build good relationships with colleagues.
  • Ability to take criticism.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced, high-volume environment with frequent priority shifts.
  • Ability to work with and communicate effectively to diverse individuals and groups.
  • Ability to work independently and organize my tasks with minimal supervision and to work within tight and often changing deadlines maintaining productivity and high-performance levels under pressure.
  • Ability to help other peoples when needed and actively shares knowledge.
  • Ability to manages issues effectively, dealing with challenges constructively and positively.
  • Ability to convey technical concepts in concise customer and user documentation so the intended peoples can utilize the technology.
  • Development of ethical commitment.
  • Learning ability and responsibility.
  • Creative and entrepreneurial capacity.
  • Development of sensitivity for sustainability.
  • Excellent relational skills, team spirit, a service-oriented attitude.
  • Relationship-building skills to collaborate with the team, internal subject-matter experts and internal/external customers.

Are you interested in knowing more?

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