Curriculum Vitae

Una breve descripción de mi persona

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I’m a highly creative, receptive, open, initiative-taking person, with great resolution skills and with many concerns. I’m a construction technician, (Master Builder) specialist in bioconstruction, energy self-sufficiency and food self-sufficiency. Studies in physics, mathematics, classical and modern literature. Took courses in musical composition. Digital electronic. Radio and TV and 3D Printing. Training in different areas of Technology, ICT, IoT, Blockchain, and Design Thinking, Permaculture and Economic Sciences! On the other hand, I’m a photographer, writer / editor, and visual artist. Four years ago, I’ve chosen to merge all my interdisciplinary knowledge and redirect to the professions of the sea. I’m enthusiastic about sailing and nautical technologies, e-navigation, and underwater welding. I Wish soon to obtain my skipper qualification and, in parallel to my projects, to enter the maritime industry.


Infrastructure Technician for Data Analytics

“Functional and scientific tasks related to data analysis of the Catalonia Health System under the PADRIS program (Data Analysis Program for Research and Innovation in Health).”


  • Administration of Azure Systems.
  • Support to the deployment of statistical methodologies for the purification and analysis of data.
  • Support to the realization of predictive models and data treatments.
  • Support to the preparation of scientific-technical reports, especially in the field of statistical methodologies.

Senyor Technician for IT

“Technological support to the Information Systems of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya under Project CTTI (Government of Catalonia).”

  • Contract at Fujitsu Technology
  • Aug 2007 – Oct 2021
  • Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain


  • Local support service 2nd and 3rd level.
  • Standardization of services and technologies.
  • Quality Control of Programming and Hardware.
  • Software, Printing and Implementation Services.



Cloud Computing Infrastructure from Microsoft Certified. Jan 2022 – Jan 2022

  • AZ-104 => Administrator Azure Associate.
  • DP-203 => Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

Safety & Security from Yacht Point Nautical School. May 2021 – Jun 2021

  • STCW 95-2010 => Proficiency in Survival Craft and non-rapid rescue boats.
  • STCW 95-2010 => Advanced fire fighting.
  • STCW 95-2010 => Basic Safety Training.

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

  • Bachelor degree in Literature Jun 2001 – Jan 2003 (Unfinnished).
  • Bachelor degree in Physics Jun 1998 – Jan 2002 (Unfinnished).
  • Bachelor degree in Mathematics Jun 1998 – Jan 2002 (Unfinnished).


  • Spanish => Fluency: Native speaker. Native writer.
  • English => Fluency: Basic speaker. Medium writer.
  • Catalan => Fluency: Basic speaker. Medium writer.
  • Italian => Fluency: Basic speaker. Medium writer.


  • Fine Art => Photography - Illustrations - Painting - Literature
  • Technology => KNX protocol - Communication - Nautical Technologies - E-navigation - Cloud Computing - ITIL
  • Design => Design Thinking - Hand tools design
  • Building Constructions => Projects - Resistant structures - Architecture drawing - Urban design - Permaculture design