Chemical and digital photography

Chemical and digital photography

Non-Human photography

Non-Human photography proposes a different perspective on the treatment of photography based on the posthumanist philosophy and media theory.

Non-Documentary photography

Non-Documentary photography can be defined as a “visual no-storytelling” that does not necessarily has anything to do with reality. Photographer through the camera is not objective: he hide, lies or manipulates and then transmits a message that is not necessarily true. This is the non-documentation of reality based on a true lie.

Anti-Social images

Certain casual perspectives of human events, in scattered environments…

Examples of works related to this topic can visit the website of the Artistica · Di Ronco’s project “The non-human turn”

Blind Photo

Have you ever tried to understand the color blindness? Can you be able to put yourself in the place of a person who is blind to the blue, or red? Well that… Blind Photo is a great photographic project, just to bother you for a while and get you out of your “infinite navel’s universe”.

Final note

You can do whatever you want with the photo and pass as an author’s photographer. But don’t forget one thing, the “automatic mode” turns your machine into the author and you are the idiot who shoots… Think that when you want money for your copyright.

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