Avantgarde Literature

Avantgarde Literature

Avantgarde & experimental literature

Exploring the plurality of narrative point of views…

Unfettered improvisation and the rigorous application of rules, accidental composition and hyper-rational design, free invention and obsessively faithful duplication, extreme conceptualism and extreme materiality, multimediality and media-specificity, vodka in the wound and thorns in the pillow …

Post-Mental literature

A post-mental panegyriko is a simple manipulated, coercive and cheating literary discourse generated by an anonymous speaker endowed with an incredible imagination and that by means of puns, poetic expressions, tendentious comparisons and an exuberant musicality takes him from the comfort zone to the broomsticks so that the informed events make a dent in your intellect at least for a while.

Examples of works related to this topic can visit the website of the ArtisticaDiRonco’s project “Panegyrikon”

Final note

Experiment is one of the engines of literary change and renewal, but I don’t invent anything… It is literature’s way of reinventing itself.

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