Technology and communications services

Technology and communications services


As a child, I had the need to know how things were inside. Disarmed everything to investigate what and how they worked. Today, I am still doing the same, but I had to travel very different paths within technology and knowledge to understand the reasons for things.
I’ve been working in a multinational technology company for more than 13 years and at this time. I was able to learn a lot about the management of ICT in large clients and in public administrations. The planning and management of the ICT infrastructure of an organization is a difficult and complex work that requires a very solid base in the application of concepts and their total understanding.

work and implementation areas

I paid special attention to:

* Communications, that are the only human objective that moves all the machinery of development, whether technological and social; The ability to send a message from point A to point B is the very basis of human interaction in its environment.

The need to “communicate and understand” between humans, between machines, or both, is essential to understand online monetary transactions, road engineering, or space science. This is no joke.

*Desk services, to expand the role of the “Service Desk” in a company, its working methods and its integration in business processes.

* Project Managment the good practices necessary to plan and direct the processes to achieve pre-established objectives with success.

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