Internet Computer

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The Internet Computer (IC) is the third major blockchain innovation a blockchain that scales smart contract computation, runs them at web speed, processes and stores data efficiently, and provides powerful software frameworks to developers.

  • The IC is created by the Internet Computer Protocol (“ICP”), which has formed the world’s first web-speed, web-serving public blockchain.

  • The IC is self-governing and can grow its capacity as required. It combines special node machines run en masse by independent data centers all around the world.

  • The IC hosts special smart contracts, called canisters. A canister smart contract is a bundle of WebAssembly bytecode logic and memory pages. Dapps on the Internet Computer are created from one or more canisters.

  • Canister smart contracts can serve web content directly to end-users, e.g., in their browsers, and users can interact with blockchain services without holding tokens. The IC blockchain can eventually host any number of canister smart contracts. Moreover, it can run them concurrently with unbounded on-chain capacity. This means you can create dapps that scale.

    Canister smart contracts are unstoppable and tamperproof. Imagine building without having to worry about databases, caches, firewalls, CDNs, cloud providers, VPNs, DNS, and even usernames & passwords all because the Internet Computer abstracts these needs away.

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