Fluxiones Viscosas Magentas

This is the second part of the story of a globalized planet, without superheroes, that survives as best it can with the pieces that are left over.


Fluxiones Viscosas Magentas is a fictional novel written in 2008 by Celica G. Di Ronco. In it, Sergeant Ceballos, a confused policeman who is overwhelmed by the reality of the world, takes leave from work and invites his girlfriend to travel the world, she tells him to go alone as it is a necessary trip that he must take to grow as a person.

While he is traveling through the Australian desert, the driver of his taxi suddenly dies, he decides to do a simple farewell ceremony for his friend driver and once finished as he prepares to continue alone, a phone begins to ring in the middle of nowhere, intrigued answer the call…

“Mr Ceballos is summoned to investigate a succession of crimes that occur simultaneously throughout the entire planet.

The general overflow of society forces the Comisión de Delitos Mayores or CDM (for its acronym in Spanish) to turn to you as a last opportunity to save the planet.


Fluxiones Viscosas Magentas“Fluxiones Viscosas Magentas”

Content warning

Fluxiones Viscosas Magentas expresses in a literal way the use and abuse of substances, addictions, graphic sexual content and graphic violence. (Nothing different from what you can see on the breacking news).

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