Celica G. Di Ronco Personal Website !
Celica G. Di Ronco

Celica G. Di Ronco

Personal and professional website!

My interests

Professional activities:

Technology and communications services. Writing. Painting. Drawing. Photography. Graphics Design.

Other topics, such as:

Music. 3D Printing. Astronomy. Permaculture design and bioconstruction.

Versatile Postmodern Arts

Artistic Painting. Drawing. Visual arts. A bit of each: Assemblage art. Conceptual art. Lowbrow. Digital neo-conceptual art.


Avant Garde Literature

Literary Production. Literary Correction. Poetry. Fiction. Essay. Edition. Hand-made books.


Graphic Design & Branding

Specialized design. Typography. Digital marketing. Web development. Packaging.


Chemical & Digital photography

Non-human photography experimentation. Non-documentary photo. Antisocial images and others topics…


Bioconstruction and permaculture

Research and development of self-sufficient construction system. Adobe construction (Hyper-Adobe). Solar heating. Integration of housing in the natural environment. Design for a better life.


Technology and communications services

Citrix. Android and IOs. Mail Exchange. IP telephony. Smartphones. Software. Hardware. Printers. Cloud Computing. Blockchain.
Project Management. Change Management. Inventory management. Training. e-Learning. ITIL. Maritime Information Technology.